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Active Crossovers, Amplifiers and Bi-Amplifiers

New Stereo 3-Way Active Crossover ~ The Sublime Acoustic K231

What is Bi-Amping? It's the replacement of your speaker’s passive crossover, a source of audible distortion of your sound, with a precise Active Crossover placed ahead of your power amps. The result is a dramatic improvement in audio clarity, definition, and warmth. You’ll hear detail and color in your music you’ve never heard before. The sound stage opens wide in all dimensions, and you can picture every instrument as if it was in the room with you.

Our XOVER-2 and XOVER-3 are line level active crossovers that allow you to use your amplifiers to create the ideal bi-amp systems.

Our XAMP line of integrated bi-amplifiers combine a Linkwitz-Riley 4th order active crossover with a high quality amplifier back end. These are well suited to drive powered speaker systems or portable boom boxes.