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Check out our brand new fully integrated Stereo 3-Way Active Crossover ~ The Sublime Acoustic K231

Bi-Amping your speakers is the most powerful, low cost, and simplest way for audio enthusiasts and DIY speaker builders to enter the realm of true audiophile quality.

Passive crossovers distort your speakers' sound, and waste up to half of your amplifier's power. Converting your speakers to Bi-Amp mode eliminates the passive crossover, the woofer and tweeter are driven straight from separate amplifiers, which are driven by a precise 2-way active crossover built from audiophile grade components and op amps. You'll be astonished at the increase in warmth, clarity and brilliance of your sound.

Our Active Crossovers and Bi-Amplifiers are built with the highest quality components to give you the cleanest, most detailed audio you've likely ever heard. All are based on high quality 4th order Linkwitz-Riley filters, which are extremely linear and perfectly phase aligned. This is critical to eliminate distortion that can occur at and around the crossover frequency.

All of our crossovers and bi-amplifiers support Baffle Step Compensation (BSC) as a standard feature. BSC is critical to restore the bass frequencies lost due to the baffle step effect present in all speaker systems.

One of the tests we use to gauge our audio quality is if we can hear Lindsey Buckingham's f-bomb, whispered almost inaudibly just before the first note on 'The Chain' on the Rumors album. (Betcha didn't know that's been there since the '70's!) It's normally only audible through a set of good headphones on a good system turned way up loud. But our crossovers and bi-amplifiers make your speakers as sensitive as any headphones. Take a listen, you'll need to turn up your volume, but it's there clear as day. Of course, this was recorded way up loud, witness the sub-woofer travel, shaking the whole building!