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Applications Support

We at Xkitz are fully committed to making sure that every customer is completely satisfied. And that means making sure our products are working properly in your application. Xkitz offers many products to support the DIY community. These are often used as building blocks in a larger application, and that means questions may come up as to how to apply our products in the context of your larger project. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions or difficulties in the use of our products in your application.

Electronic Kit Diagnosis and Repair Service

We understand that electronic kit assembly can sometimes be challenging. Once you get your kit put together and it’s time to power it up - is it going to work? Most of the time, for the vast majority of our customers – the answer is yes! But occasionally, the answer is no, something’s wrong and it’s not working right. Now what to do? We at Xkitz are 100% focused on making sure our customers are satisfied, and part of that is making sure you have a working device when you’re done.

 So, if your kit is not working, please don’t hesitate to contact us at and let us know what’s going on with it. We’ll work with you as best we can to help you diagnose the problem and get your kit working properly.

But if worst comes to worst and you simply can’t get it working, we (under our own discretion and at extra cost) offer a limited repair service whereby you can ship your assembled board to us, and we will make every attempt to repair the unit and get it working. But, of course, since we can’t know in advance the condition of the board, we cannot make any solid guarantee that we will be able to repair the board. But, that said, we have to date always succeeded in our repairs.