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About Us

Xkitz Electronics was founded in 2010 in Livermore, California with a mission to supply high quality electronic devices at reasonable prices to Hobbyists, Makers, and DIY enthusiasts all over the world.

We started out supplying simple electronic kits that arose from projects that we did with our kids and friends. We thought they were pretty cool, and we realized that others may enjoy them too. Since then we’ve evolved to supply ever more sophisticated electronic devices in both kit form and fully assembled form.

You won’t find the silly, blinky-light type kits here at Xkitz. There are plenty of shops online to supply those types of kits. We design our products to be functional, and to serve a useful purpose, and to do it well.

Our product line-up comes from our own passions. For instance, we’re serious audiophiles. So we are absolutely driven to design and build our Active Crossovers and Bi-Amplifiers to sound as incredible as most any Audiophile gear out there. We run all of our designs through countless SPICE simulations to constantly improve the circuits and prove that they work the way we designed them to work. We run endless A/B tests to see whether this or that circuit component sounds the best, and we incorporate that knowledge into our designs.

And our designs are constantly evolving. We’ve gone through many design revisions of our audio products, always striving for a better, warmer, more precise sound. When we learn of something that could improve our sound, we look for ways to incorporate it into our designs. For instance, we recently added circuitry on all of our audio boards to support Baffle Step Compensation (BSC) to resolve an esoteric speaker issue where bass frequencies disappear behind the speaker enclosure. Our BSC circuit restores the lost bass frequencies to more accurately represent the audio as it was originally intended.

We love to learn from our customers. We have many customers that are a lot smarter than us! Many of our design refinements come out of discussions with our amazing customers. We think our products are pretty great, but they can always get better, and they will!

And lastly, we’re laser focused on customer satisfaction. Our goal is to make sure every customer is happy with our products and their Xkitz customer experience. If you have any comments, concerns, or questions about our products, please contact us at

We also love positive feedback. It always makes our day to see the amazing things our customers create from our products! Send us your project pics and videos, or post them on YouTube or Instagram or Facebook. If you like our products please take a minute and leave a review on our product pages to let others know how your project turned out. 

Thank you for coming to visit!