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Design Services

Xkitz Electronics offers a full range of electronic design consulting services. We can support projects from simple one-off type designs to full custom product designs encompassing hardware circuit design, PCB layout, firmware and software coding, packaging design, user documentation, and on to full production.

We're a small and agile company with a lot of expertise, both internally and through our network of associate engineers, so we can be dynamic, flexible and fast at getting your product to market.

We're based in Livermore California in the San Francisco Bay Area, in close proximity to all of the hottest Silicon Valley tech companies. 

Please contact us at to discuss your product design requirements.


From Concept to Manufacture

Concept Definition: 

We work with our clients in the initial concept phase to fully comprehend and define the product requirements.

Specification Phase:

We work with the client to create a detailed specification that fully describes the form and function of the product to be developed so that the client knows what to expect from the final end product.

Front-End Hardware Design:

Utilizing industry standard schematic capture and advanced circuit modeling tools, we will design and simulate critical circuits to ensure they work correctly the first time.

Component Specification:

We will select the required board level components with consideration to the client's targeted BOM cost. We will provide a complete bill of materials including manufacturer part numbers and quantity pricing.

FPGA Design and Simulation:

If the product requires this level of integration, we have extensive experience in FPGA design and validation.

Firmware Design and Coding:

Much of the product’s functionality is in the firmware. We have the capability for rapid development of complex firmware to meet the specified functionality.

PCB Layout:

We have in-house capability to design 1-4 layer PCBs, with comprehensive LVS verification to ensure the layout perfectly matches the schematic for first time working boards.

Mechanical Design:

We can provide 2D or 3D CAD design and modeling for packaging, chassis, and front/back panels.

Functional Prototype Design and Fabrication:

We build our initial functional prototypes in-house for fast turn-around. We can provide small numbers of functional prototypes for customer evaluation.

Technical and User Documentation:

We can provide or assist with production of comprehensive technical and user documentation.

Final production:

At the client’s choice, we can either help with coordination of production ramp-up, or we can provide turn-key production, test, packaging and delivery of the final product.



  • Chip, board, and system level design
  • Microchip PIC and dsPIC microcontroller hardware design and firmware coding
  • DSP hardware and coding, Analog Devices, Microchip
  • FPGA design, Altera, Xilinx, Lattice, Actel
  • Custom analog and audio design
  • Capacitive touch sensing, Xkitz proprietary technology
  • Power supply, DC/DC converters
  • Lithium-Ion charging technology and safety issues
  • PCB layout
  • Reverse Engineering
  • LTSpice circuit simulation
  • Speaker design, acoustics, analysis and tuning
  • Serial network protocols, Modbus, DMX-512
  • Rhino 3D modeling
  • Product specification
  • User documentation


Contact us at to discuss your product design requirements.