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Xkitz Active Crossover Frequency Programming Module, for Use with XAMP-xx and XOVER-x Active Crossovers from Xkitz ELectronics

XO Module - for use with XOVERs and XAMPs

  • $ 1100

Crossover frequency configuration module, for use with the XOVER-2, XOVER-3, XAMP-M2, XAMP-M3, and XAMP-M4. These kits come standard with one XO Module. Use this form to order additional XO Module(s). Simply select your desired XO frequency from the list below and specify it in the 'Special Instructions' box on the shopping cart page.

We support the following Crossover frequencies. When ordering, please specify your desired crossover frequency in the 'Special Instructions' box on the shopping cart page:

    • Any multiple of 10Hz from 60Hz-200Hz (e.g. 60Hz, 70Hz, ... 200Hz)
    • 250Hz
    • Any multiple of 100Hz from 300Hz-4000Hz
    • Any multiple of 500Hz from 4500Hz-12000Hz

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