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Control Panel for Five Channel Light Organ [XLO-5CP]

  • $ 4400

Control Panel for Five Channel Color Light Organ

Control Panel for the Xkitz 5 channel light organs. Allows you to relocate the band level control pots and indicator LED’s to a front panel location for easy access.

    • An Optional accessory for the Xkitz XLO-5 or XLO-5DC 5 Channel Color Light Organs
    • 5 Green LED tipped slide pots, one each for band level control, the slider tip LED’s are the channel indicators – gives good visual feedback for adjusting your band levels
    • 1 Red LED tipped slide pot for main input level control, the Red LED is the main power indicator.
    • Slide switch that allows you to set all lamp circuits to stay ON
    • Rocker switch to control the main XLO power
    • Flexible signal input options:
      • Condenser microphone
      • Audio line-level input from an iPod, computer, mixer, etc.
      • Speaker input
    • Compatible with Xkitz light organs XLO-5 and XLO-5DC, Rev 4.0 and beyond.
    • Dimensions: 4.25” x 2.5”, 1” deep
    • Plugs into the 34 pin expansion connector on the XLO circuit boards
    • This is an intermediate kit with about 20 components, and can be assembled in about 30 minutes.
    • Made in USA

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Customer Reviews

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Great addition to the XLO-5 kit

I bought this to compliment the XLO-5 since I wanted an easy way to adjust the XLO-5.
This kit is quite simple to build. All you need is basic PCB soldering skills and a fine tip soldering iron, and a few basic hand tools.
Like the XLO-5 the quality of the board and components is excellent. The board is clearly silk screened for component location and has a good quality solder screen to prevent solder bridging. The only complaint I have is the solder lands for the ribbon cable connector could be a bit longer as they only fit about 1/4 the length of the connector solder pins. Good enough, but could be better. The cost is a bit steep for what you get with this kit. I knew that when I bought it. Convenience has its price. If you plan on buying the XLO-5 and using it with different types of music I recommend adding this to the kit. It'll make tailoring the light show to your music easy.

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