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Light Organ - Color Organ - 5 Channel [XLO-5]

  • $ 7995

Bring Your Tunes to Life in a Blazing Color Light Show!!

5 Channel Light Organ - New 4th Generation Design!

  • Splits your music into 5 frequency bands, each band controls one light circuit
  • Each band's center frequency and width is adjustable
  • 700W per channel
  • This light organ circuit is so responsive you can 'see' vibrato in your music!
  • Signal input from:
    • Front panel condenser microphone
    • Line level input from an iPod or computer sound card
    • Speaker connection
  • Automatic Gain Control circuit constantly adjusts input sensitivity to match changes in music level
  • Input sensitivity is adjustable; ranging from just above a whisper to the loudest live music
  • Includes a front panel with the Microphone, sensitivity control knob,and main power switch
  • Expansion connector to optionally allow you to locate all the control pots and indicator LEDs to front panel location.
  • Xkitz offers a Control Panel kit here with LED tipped slide pots to control the 5 band levels and the main input level.
  • You can build light organs with 10 channels, 15 channels, etc. using the XLO-5. The adjustable filter center frequencies makes this possible; using multiple XLO-5’s tuned to different center frequencies.
  • Perfect for parties!
  • Makes a great lighting simulator for Halloween
  • Makes a very unique sound-to-light device for the hearing impaired
  • Supports 110 or 220 or 240 VAC
  • Fully isolated power supply for maximum safety
  • Optically isolated TRIAC drivers - fully protects your audio equipment
  • Lamp circuits are fused and can drive up to 7A, or 700W per channel at 110 VAC (3.5A or 700W per channel at 220VAC)
  • 5 Indicator LEDs driven by the TRIACs for testing before you hook up your lights
  • This is an advanced electronic kit containing about 150 components, and will require about 2-4 hours to assemble. The main PCB is 4.9"x4.4"
  • Made in USA

Works with our optional 5-Slider Control Panel XLO-5CP

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