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Light Organ - Color Organ - 5 Channel [XLO-5]

  • $ 7995

Bring Your Tunes to Life in a Blazing Color Light Show!!

5 Channel Light Organ - New 4th Generation Design!

  • Splits your music into 5 frequency bands, each band controls one light circuit
  • Each band's center frequency and width is adjustable
  • 700W per channel
  • This light organ circuit is so responsive you can 'see' vibrato in your music!
  • Signal input from:
    • Front panel condenser microphone
    • Line level input from an iPod or computer sound card
    • Speaker connection
  • Automatic Gain Control circuit constantly adjusts input sensitivity to match changes in music level
  • Input sensitivity is adjustable; ranging from just above a whisper to the loudest live music
  • Includes a front panel with the Microphone, sensitivity control knob,and main power switch
  • Expansion connector to optionally allow you to locate all the control pots and indicator LEDs to front panel location.
  • Xkitz offers a Control Panel kit here with LED tipped slide pots to control the 5 band levels and the main input level.
  • You can build light organs with 10 channels, 15 channels, etc. using the XLO-5. The adjustable filter center frequencies makes this possible; using multiple XLO-5’s tuned to different center frequencies.
  • Perfect for parties!
  • Makes a great lighting simulator for Halloween
  • Makes a very unique sound-to-light device for the hearing impaired
  • Supports 110 or 220 or 240 VAC
  • Fully isolated power supply for maximum safety
  • Optically isolated TRIAC drivers - fully protects your audio equipment
  • Lamp circuits are fused and can drive up to 7A, or 700W per channel at 110 VAC (3.5A or 700W per channel at 220VAC)
  • 5 Indicator LEDs driven by the TRIACs for testing before you hook up your lights
  • This is an advanced electronic kit containing about 150 components, and will require about 2-4 hours to assemble. The main PCB is 4.9"x4.4"
  • Made in USA

Works with our optional 5-Slider Control Panel XLO-5CP

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Still going strong

I put together one of these kits in 2018. It's still going strong today. What a fun kit to put together. Use up to 2.2 led watt max on one circuit at a time. I also have multi SPST switch for each circuit run, so far 15 switch for 3x5 different color light arrays. Just be creative with the use of ohms law. You can take a simple circuit and make it into whatever your imagination can create.


Excellent, easy to follow schematics and assembly.

Malcolm C. Broughton
Does what it says on the tin

I recently purchased two 5-ch light organs with corresponding control panels. Today I tested the first one which I managed to assemble in approximately 5 hours. Four of the outputs worked as intended, with the fifth permanently lit. Using the fault-finding guide and referring to the schematic I found a poorly soldered resistor from the 12V supply to pin 1 of the opto-isolator. I am pleased to report that I am now a proud owner of one self built Xkitz light organ. I am not a novice, but advanced years and shrinking of components do necessitate the use of a magnifying glass nowadays. During assembly of the main board I used dil sockets for the ic's instead of directly soldering them in, as a precaution should I have had a major problem.

I have one minor criticism; the pads to the multiplug J1 on the control panel would have been better had they been extended an extra half a millimetre at each side, the size of which currently do pose a soldering challenge. In conclusion, the Xkitz light organ is a nice project and it works very well.

Great Kit

Very good kit to get your feet wet. This kit exceeds all my expectation. All you have to do is follow the direction step by step, and not to rush. It 's easy to miss something that maybe important step. Fantastic and a lot of darn fun engineering a box to put the kit in. which I used a Plastic Project Box ABS IP65 Electrical Junction box Enclosure Black 7.87 x 4.72 x 2.95 inch (200 x 120 x 75mm).

Great Kit

I put this kit together last winter (2020) and found it to be excellent. It's pretty easy to assemble. The components seem to be top quality. I use it every night. It's very responsive to the different frequencies in music. I believe I will buy another kit for a separate channel. You can't go wrong with this kit for ease and customer support. I do advise to get the 5 slide control panel XLO-5CP, it makes it easy to adjust.

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