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100W Audio Bi-Amplifier w/ Linkwitz-Riley Crossover [XAMP-M1]

  • $ 2995


  • High Fidelity, general purpose audio amplifier
  • Uses the highly respected LM4766 Chip Amp, in bridged configuration to produce 100W peak output
  • Optional Linkwitz-Riley filter, high-pass or low pass, 4th order, 24dB/Octave roll-off
  • HPF/LPF cut-off frequency configuration components are on a single socketed filter Module - quick and easy to change the cut-off frequency by simply snapping in a new module.
  • Wide range of standard XO modules are offered by Xkitz, any frequency available on request. If you select the filter option, find your desired XO frequency from the list below and specify it in the 'Special Instructions' box on the shopping cart page.
  • Baffle Step Compensation, optional, adjustable and configurable to support various baffle sizes
  • Supports unbalanced signal inputs by default, balanced audio signaling is available as an add-on option.
      • Unbalanced signals are connected via standard RCA jacks
      • Balanced signals are connected via optional 3.5mm TRS jacks.
  • Specifications:
      • THD:                                 0.012%
      • THD+N:                             0.026%
      • Frequency Response            Linear from 20Hz – 80KHz
      • CMRR (balanced input):       > 55dB
      • Input Impedance:               20K ohms unbalanced, 40K balanced
      • Input Overload:                  3.8V peak-to-peak
      • Voltage Gain:                     Adjustable, Max 26dB
      • Power Output:                   53W RMS into 8 ohms, 36W into 4 ohms
      • Filter Topology:                  Linkwitz-Riley, Constant Voltage, 4th Order, 24dB/octave
      • Amplifier Type:                  Class AB
      • Input Jack:                        RCA for unbalanced, 3.5mm TRS for balanced
      • Power supply:                    Single positive DC rail (no negative supply required) 22V–50V DC
  • Applications:
    • Active Sub-woofer
    • Active Speaker System
    • Portable boom-box
    • Portable guitar amplifier
    • Low power consumption and no negative supply needed - perfect for portable battery powered amplifiers
  • Quiet power ON / power OFF
  • This is a mono device, two units are needed for stereo operation
  • PCB Dimensions: 3.4” x 2.9” x 2” high (86mm x 74mm x 51mm)
  • This is an intermediate electronic kit containing 72 components, and can be assembled in about 2 hours
  • Made in USA

We support the following Filter frequencies. When ordering, please specify your desired frequency in the 'Special Instructions' box on the shopping cart page:

    • Any multiple of 10Hz from 60Hz-200Hz (e.g. 60Hz, 70Hz, ... 200Hz)
    • 250Hz
    • Any multiple of 100Hz from 300Hz-4000Hz
    • Any multiple of 500Hz from 4500Hz-7000Hz

      Preview the Instruction Manual

      Additional XO Modules are available here

      Or use our simple Linkwitz-Riley calculator to select any custom XO frequency


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