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Power Supply for Portable Audio Systems [XRPS-250W Preview]


Power Supply for Portable Audio Systems

Power Supply for Portable Audio Systems

This is a preview of an upcoming Xkitz product. It's a high wattage, battery based power supply for use in portable audio systems. This preview is to build and gauge support for an upcoming kickstarter launch. If interested, drop us an email to sales@xkitz.com with subject line 'XRPS-250W', and we'll update you when we launch.

It is no exaggeration to say, with this power supply you will be able to build a fully portable boom-box that can crank out a full 250W of sweet, wireless sound. We know this from experience. We at Xkitz have built several compact boom box prototypes that are easily as loud and pristine sounding as any but the very best top-line AC powered systems. Our proto boxes, using this power supply, can immerse a huge area in deep, rich, warm, (and sub 30Hz!) bass.

We call it a ‘Rechargeable Power Supply’. This is a board that combines a Lithium-Ion charge controller with a clean and powerful, DC-to-DC boost converter, and a PIC processor to monitor and control it all. It gives the user a clean, quiet, regulated, adjustable, boosted voltage, power source that is fully portable and rechargeable. Driven by a Lithium-Ion battery, it can provide any voltage from 18V to 50V DC at up to 5 Amps, or up to 250 Watts, for many hours on a single charge.

This board, called the XRPS-250W,  is perfect for powering portable audio systems such as boom boxes, suitcase speakers, or portable guitar amplifiers – providing 250W of fully wireless power for 8-24 hours per charge. It has many other applications as well, like portable ham radio rigs, mobile art works and displays, or any other electronics systems needing power in remote locations.

The XRPS-250W does not require a special charger, since it has an integrated charge controller it can be charged from a standard AC plugged power supply, or from an 18V solar panel (not included), making it even more ideally suited for mobile or fully remote applications.

The expected price will be in $60-$70 range.



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