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Audio Bi-Amplifier, 100W w/ Linkwitz-Riley Crossover [XAMP-M3]

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Untitled Document Imagine audio so clear you can hear fingers hitting the frets, the breaths between the lines, and even the spit on the singer's lip. Converting your speakers to Bi-Amp mode is the single most powerful thing you can do to reach that kind of clarity. And this Bi-Amplifier can help you do that.
  • On-board 2-way active crossover drives dual amplifiers for separate woofer and  tweeter
  • Linkwitz-Riley crossover, 4th order, 24dB/Octave roll-off
  • Uses two LM4766 Chips in bridged configuration to produce 100W peak on both woofer and tweeter
  • Great for Bi-Amp’d Active Speakers
  • Crossover frequency configuration components are on a single socketed module - quick and easy to change the XO frequency by simply snapping in a new module.
  • Wide range of standard XO frequency modules are offered by Xkitz, any frequency available on request
  • Baffle Step Compensation, optional, adjustable and configurable to support various baffle sizes
  • Supports unbalanced signal inputs by default, balanced audio signaling is available as an add-on option.
      • Unbalanced signals are connected via standard RCA jacks
      • Balanced signals are connected via optional 3.5mm TRS jacks. The TRS jacks are wired to be directly compatible with the new hi-def audio players such as the Pono
  • Specifications:
      • THD:                                  0.044%
      • THD+N:                             0.046%
      • Frequency Response                        Linear from 20Hz – 80KHz
      • CMRR (balanced input):       > 55dB
      • Input Impedance                  20K ohms unbalanced, 40K balanced
      • Input Overload:                   3.8V peak-to-peak
      • Voltage Gain:                      Adjustable, Max 29dB
      • Filter Topology:                   Linkwitz-Riley, 4th Order
      • Amplifier Type:                    Class AB
      • Power supply:                      Single positive DC rail (no negative supply required) 22V–50V DC
  • Applications:
  • Speaker Bi-Amp conversions
  • Bi-Amp’ed Active Speaker System
  • Portable boom-box
  • Portable guitar amplifier
  • Custom speaker systems
  • Channels are phase aligned to within a fraction of a degree to minimize distortion around the XO frequency
  • Separate bass and treble output level adjustments via on-board multi-turn trim-pots
  • Quiet power ON / power OFF
  • Low power consumption and no negative supply needed - perfect for portable battery powered amplifiers
  • This is a mono device, two units are needed for stereo operation
  • PCB Dimensions: 3.4” x 3.6” x 2” High (86mm x 91mm x 51mm)
  • This is an intermediate electronic kit containing 130 components, and can be assembled in about 2-3 hours

Preview the Instruction Manual (.pdf)

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Or use our Linkwitz-Riley Calculator to select any Custom XO Frequency

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One of the most important specs for an active crossover is phase coherence. The alignment in time of the high and low channels. Phase doesn't get much more coherent than ours!

  • Model: XAMP-M3
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